Equine Travel isn't a company but a bond of values.

We are a young dynamic team, who likes to describe itself as a family united by a ten years old strong friendship and a large common emotion: a love for horses and riding!

We all are in a close relationship with the equestrian world from an early age when, after years of riding at a gallop of horses of various characters, we approached us to competitions and races, practicing disciplines ranging from show jumping until dressage.
That's where we met each other, and these are the environments where Equine Travel has its roots.

The idea of creating this company comes from Michael and Jade who, also because of their extensive experience in the field of logistics and transport, manage to involve in the project the friendships of the riding, giving life to a dream team of professionals in the area of all respect, by recognizing throughout Europe their modus operandi of success within a short time.

Equine Travel is today specialized in transporting horses abroad on behalf of third parties, as well as throughout the national territory, through its qualified personnel in accordance with current European standards, differentiating itself from competitors in this area for the ability to organize the requested movements in a very short time, by providing the availability for customers 24 hours a day.

We provide our customers with our innovative vans for horse transport also for a hire, all equipped with KASKO insurance and driven by anyone with a standard driving license B, their weight-carrying capacity is of 3,500 kilograms: their interiors are all upholstered with optionals of a new generation to ensure full comfort both to the driver and to the horses transported in the rear space.

Our passion for horses is a feeling that has stolen our hearts even before it could do a human being.

" We are a family united by a big common feeling: the love for horses "