Our Van STX Stallion is available to our customers both for the Horse Transport service on behalf of third parties and for that of Rental.

If you are looking for a Horse Transport service in Europe, Equine Travel provides all customers with its logistics skills for trips to competitions located in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Belgium or any other desired country. Simply, a real ad-hoc service for the transport of race-horses, on a national and international basis, available 24 hours a day.

These all the comforts for your horse during our horse transport with Vans STX Stallion:

  • Authorization for transport on behalf of third parties
  • Qualified personnel according to EU Regulation 1/2005
  • Insurance of transported horses
  • Van stop after certain hours of travel to avoid / relieve stress on the horse
  • 2 comfortable places for horses with arrangement for stallions
  • Hay and water always available
  • New bedding for each transport
  • Saddlery available for any equipment entrusted during the transport
  • Healthy environment disinfected at each trip with chlorocresol based solutions
  • Electric ventilation
  • Daylights
  • Dipped night lights, for greater relaxation during night trips
  • Color surveillance cameras in the horse department
  • Easy access side ramp

If you prefer to rent our Van STX Stallion and drive it with your B standard license, you can take advantage of all the comforts of its innovative equipment.

  • IN THE CABIN: 1 driver's seat and 2 passenger´s seats; air-conditioning; manual transmission; Cruise control; Bluetooth; Satellite navigation; USB / AUX cable entry; screen for color cameras (one controls the horses, and one controls the rear operation space).
  • IN THE HORSES DEPARTMENT: 2 places for horses with the arrangement for stallions; tow hook; storage space for hay /bedding /feed; automatic ventilation that can be controlled from the cab; 4 windows; LED lights for day/night; saddlery; side ramp for easy access.

A unique transport service powered by our greatest passion: horse riding.